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CDFI Consultant

You might be thinking about how I came up with 2nd Chair Creative

Well, I can't claim it was 100% my idea. Mainly, the name originated out of fear of sounding boring. Also, to be clear about what I like to do the best: to come up with original solutions to tricky challenges.

CDFIs are beginning to realize they need better tools and processes to operate in 2022 and beyond. Yet, they might not know how to get started. 

I'm here to bridge that gap.

Besides being involved in the CDFI world, I'm also a SCORE Business Mentor. Growing up with two small business owners as parents, I have seen first-hand the challenges entrepreneurs face, particularly when they might lack some business education. As a mentor, I get to help entrepreneurs navigate these waters.

If you're interested, I'm a graduate of Limestone University, where I studied Accounting and Finance, and Durham University, where I received a Master's in Management (Finance).

FUN FACT: growing up and until 2018, I played volleyball with a short stint as a professional athlete.

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